Frequently asked questions.

Car hire.

Q. What is the best source of local information on places to eat and drink, beaches and sites?
A. In the apartment you will find a visitor information book. This contains reviews and suggestions from previous guests that can be very helpful.

Q. Should I hire a car when I arrive at the Airport?
A. I defiantly think you should go to the accommodation first. I would suggest that you only hire a car for specific days out. The car could then be delivered to you in Trogir, usually within half an hour of ordering. Public transport or tours will take you to any of the main attractions.

Q. If I do hire a car will I be able to park close to the Venetian Tower?
A. Trogir is a walled city with narrow alleyways and no roads. You will be able to find somewhere to park but it will probably be ten minutes walk away. For shorter periods you can park in the car park just over the Venetian footbridge, but it can be expensive. Beware of parking in an unauthorized place as the local authority may take you car to the compound.

Q. If I want to book a trip to one of the visitor attractions, hire a scooter, car, bike or boat can you suggest a good agent ?
A. I recommend Porto Agency They are located in Trogir just outside the wall by the long bridge. I have negotiated a 5% discount if you mention Dalmatian Sun or 10% if you pay cash. My previous guests have been happy with the service.

Q. What currency is used in Croatia?
A. Croatian kuna. Today's rate is here

Q. Do I need to take local currency with me?
A. It's not really necessary. There are ATM machines at Split airport and plenty in Trogir. Most of the restaurants and shops take credit cards.

Q. What number must I phone if I have an emergency?
A. 112. This number can be dialled on any land line or mobile phone free of charge, anywhere in EU and many other countries. It should connect you to someone who can speak English.

Q. What language do the locals speak?
A. Croatian is the main language. English is widely spoken, especially among the young. The older generation often speak Russian, German or Italian.

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This page was updated on 3rd. April 2017